Tampa & Saint Pete Wedding Photographer / Engagement Sessions – What to Expect, What to Wear…

An engagement session is a great opportunity to meet and work with your photographer prior to your wedding day.  It allows the photographer to see your chemistry, how you move, and to get to know you as well.  It will also provide you with a better idea of how your photographer will pose you, and how it feels to be in front of the camera.  I (Johanna) highly advise doing an engagement session if you are able to do so.  Many couples have told me that it really helped make them feel relaxed and excited about the photography on their wedding day!  Here are a few tips and answers to the most-asked questions we get from couples regarding their engagement session.

Location –

If you have a location in mind for your engagement session in the Tampa/Saint Petersburg area – I am happy to accommodate.  If you don’t have anything specific in mind – I have many places I can suggest based on the vibe you would like.   For example, do you want romantic, nature-filled photos?  Photos that evoke a young professional couple persona?  Urban chic photos?  Depending on the setting you prefer – we can help you find the perfect spot.  Here are some of my favorite locations:

Ballast Point Park in South Tampa


North Straub Park in Saint Pete


University of Tampa in South Tampa


Fred Ball Park and Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa


Roser Park in Saint Pete


Wardrobe –

This is one of the questions I get asked the most, and here is what I tell couples: think first about you guys – who you all are/what do you normally wear.

You all should definitely look and feel like yourselves.

If you are casual folks – you could wear your cutest jeans and a cute silky top with some comfy flats or sandals.  If you love to dress up, or normally wear dresses when hanging out – wear a cute dress with some awesome jewelry and comfortable wedges.  I have even had some of my brides wear cut-offs, sandals and a super casual t-shirt and look really great during their engagement session.

Just make sure that your clothing fits you well (i.e. if your shirt always comes unbuttoned in the middle whenever you breathe or move quickly, then, don’t wear that shirt), and is well cared for (i.e. no stains or tears unless you are going for that look).

You are also obviously going to want to keep an eye on the weather too.  If its likely to be cool or cold outside during your session – you may not want to wear a skimpy dress.  Similarly, if it is likely going to be very hot – you may not want to wear jeans.

I would also advise not being matchy-matchy with your fiance.  For example, don’t both wear white tops and jeans on the bottom.  I would say that you want your attire to look cute next to his, but you don’t want it to match.   I also typically advise staying away from black if you can help it, as it tends to look harsh in photos.

Hope that is helpful!

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